Monday, January 17, 2011

Hay bale covers!

So yesterday I got cracking with the hay bale covers. Here are the first 5 neatly (semi-neatly) folded and ready to go. I tested them on my neighbours hay bale, with some white string and i think they will do the job, especially if I make a few cushions to scatter across some of them.

Very satisfying to be getting these jobs out of the way. I think I will burn through these bale covers, but a little worried about the 100 serviettes. Yikes. Especially because my inner perfectionist might come out to play. On the bunting and the bale covers I am not so concerned because they will sit unevenly on straw, or be flying in the wind. The serviettes however, people will likely take a closer look. People tell me you can buy special sewing feet to turn the edges. Might have to have a go with one!!


There is a bit of uneven sewing there, but I am not too worried. Ha, gives them 'character'. He he.

As you can see, we have some lovely morning light today. Finally some days of sunshine after endless rain!! Maybe a good omen?.


  1. Thanks. Will work with the bunting, and the 'country/antique' theme that's starting to form.


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