Monday, March 24, 2014

Moving moving moving................

Finally I have some big news. Hold on to your hats. No, not moving house....moving blog host.
I have not joined the masses with a migration to wordpress. No, I've headed over to hosted by squarespace, and the blog address is

Please come and find me at the new home.

Bear with me as you move as there are a few how to migrate my bloglovin and googleplus followers, but it's fresh and new and a change was overdue.

So, see you on the square side :)

sick mama

Well, the weekend didn't go as planned!
My mother is here for a few weeks, and I had planned to take her to the art gallery this weekend to see the new Maragert Olley permanent exhibition, and to the beach with Trouble - but first Mr. Rugby got the mega bad bug, and now I'm laid up. All the best laid plans hey!
I've spent the whole day in bed. THE WHOLE DAY. I've slept about three hours, dozed another two and probably only spent an hour with Trouble and his Grandma all day. Everytime I standup, or eat, or exert myself for more than a little bit I get nauseous. I just want to sleep a few weeks is all. Not too much to ask.

I know it's stupid, but even when I am sick I get the guilts for not spending time with Trouble on the days when I am not at work. Working mother guilt..

The air con is on because it's hot and humid and my temperature is all over the shop. The blinds are shut because i'm photosensitive as well thanks flu.

I'm not a good patient at all. But then who is. I remember reading ''What Katy did" when I was a kid - remember that book, where Katy got laid up and had to learn to be a good patient?

Yikes, I can't even last a few days.
My arms ache, my legs ache, my body feels not my own.

Woe is me.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Busy bees

We've been busy drawing again. And painting. In between swimming lessons and 'regulation playgroup' and  4 birthdays in 4 weeks and visits from Grandma and getting sick and getting well, and starting to nap on the day mattress.

And it's all been very busy again. What am I saying. It's always busy. I feel like I don't get the quality time with my boy that he needs and that I need. We need to slow down somehow.
I wish I could take another year off and just spend time playing with my son and reading stories and making things.

I think we need a month of quiet family focused weekends now, to make up for this month's madness.

Do you ever find yourself stopping and thinking you are in the midst of a whirlwind?

p.s rewinding this week with Maxabella.... You should too!! Pop over and link up.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tell me, what did you do today? What do you do for a job?

I had this idea, about two minutes ago actually, as I looked at this image...this idea for a link-up.
I thought to myself 'I wonder what everyone else does for a job?'
I wonder what everyone else does for a day to day?

I find it immensely interesting, because I know it is completely different to what I do.

Just for your interest, should you be interested, here is a snippet of my day - when it's a 'work' day, which is different of course from my home day.

Project Manager/ Design Coordinator/ problem solver/conversationalist/ Mamamummum and all round Girl Friday is probably the most apt description.

The day starts slowly, and builds up to a hurry before slowing down again. Trouble curls up in bed with us from around 5 am, give or take half an hour.

I don't usually get back to sleep, but sometimes I'm lucky, and then suddenly its 620 and we are all late already.

And then it's a leisurely hurry. We get up, showered, fed, packed for the day, fit in a story maybe, and then off we go.

Trouble gets dropped off at day care, I stop for a coffee along the way, and usually eat breakfast at work. I check my emails, talk to the designers, my boss sometimes, call a few stakeholders, and then usually it's off to site.

I'm on site usually for 2 to 3 hours, sometimes 5, depending on whether I have site meetings or just inspections. This building above, a public toilets as part of a big netball facility upgrade, is one of my projects. It is now 99% finished. I'm pretty proud of it. I'm not the Architect, but I did see this baby through from a concept for public toilet blocks for the shire to this current version of the design. It is one of the results of an effort to make bog-standard concrete block buildings a bit more beautiful, a bit more playful, but still bullet proof and still cost-effective.  An earlier version, and far less successful was this little number, which unfortunately got built when I was on maternity leave, otherwise I would have had much more to say about the quality of finishes, the colour choices and few other decisions.

So, I arrive at site, sign in, and then start walking around to check out the progress. I chat with our site superintendant and the site manager/foreman about any aspects that need resolution, come up with joint solutions to resolve design issues that have been missed, confirm that certain variations need to be priced, and sign off on random things like the formwork for concrete seat walls.

Then, I will head over to another part of the project site, and check on the footpath and bollard installation. 'Can we have a line of bollards here too please?""Yes I know it wasn't on the drawings, but looking at it now, if they don't go in a pack of bogans will start doing donuts on this football field and we won't be popular"....I work out that some other aspects of the design won't work and will need some quick resolution, and can see that the draining isn't working as planned....and discuss ways to resolve it.  Sometimes it's my solution, sometimes someone elses, we agree to it, and it gets done.

Later in the day it's back to the office for more phone calls, writing a final draft of a tender, preparing responses to RFI's (request for information) and updating my boss on the progress. My job as much as anything is about keeping things moving, and trying to pick up the loose ends along the way, whilst trying to keep them all under control, on quality, on time and on budget. I feel like there are a million strands to hold on to, and keep in order.

And then it's the end of the day, and it's time to pick up trouble and go home. And discover whether it's me or Mr. Rugby cooking dinner tonight.

So, what's your day like?? What do you do for a job each day?